For a period of time now I have been on and off the idea of beginning a blog. Some time ago, having eventually realised that I was never going to come up with an interesting blog idea by racking my brains over it, I left it. I Completely boycotted the whole 'blog thing'. Then, 8 months later (this Monday to be exact) I was having my bi-annual 'mega-meltdown'. My mind was at full capacity, full of everything and anything and I needed to find a solution...

I have always had a highly active and imaginative mind, If I had to tell you how much of my schooldays I had spent daydreaming, I'd have to say "All of them." If I had to tell you how many times I'd stopped to think about everything else but writing this piece, I'd laugh... To add to that, I have a very critical approach to the way I think and often when combined with a vibrant imagination can lead to an overwhelming build up of pressure with no real outlet.

I needed to add some sort of vent, a way to draw off some of my thoughts. That is where O P E N came from.

O P E N is a place where I aim to air creative subjects of all aspects. A place where creative individuals of any field can read, learn, relate, discuss and share.