Allergy advice - Contains: Unsavoury dialogue from a source of expelling issue bound thoughts.

This week I've not had a single f***ing clue what to write about... No topic. No conversation. NADA.

Not because I'd forgot or because I "couldn't be arsed", but rather because my mind has been tooling around, juggling numerous other draining demands. 

So I had to think of another viable idea towards producing a worthy and relevant post this Sunday... 

Being a big fan of "getting sh*t off my chest" and I thought it would be fitting to share some thoughts that had on my mind recently and free up some capacity after this week.

So! here are some quick-fire thoughts that have been hovering around my head recently that I'd just love to put out of my mind's way for a little...

ONE - Who knew writing a blog topic once a week could be so challenging?!

TWO - Have the news lines ever been this constantly negative before? Not forgetting all the trauma that's getting left out - This planet needs a miracle.

THREE - One night whilst falling asleep a few weeks ago, I had what felt like an amazing concept surface my mind for an idea that I've been sitting on for a while. Instead of getting up and writing it all down or recording it on my iPhone; I fell asleep... I've still not remembered.

FOUR - I need to try and secure some more assisting roles...

FIVE - Why won't my creative imagination start this week's blog topic?!

SIX - I need to start planning my dissertation. I have an idea! But is it the best possible idea...?

SEVEN - Will I get the chance to study a Masters Degree...? Do I want to...

EIGHT - People, please quit moaning about the referendum - It's DONE. Brush it off. Suck it up. Crack on!

NINE - I really wish image clipping companies from India would stop messaging me on LinkedIn. I block them - they come back!?

TEN - I need to increase the frequency of new work that I make...

ELEVEN - Freelance work is tough.

TWELVE - It's getting embarrassing how much conceptually empty and unconsidered "work" is being put out there. Where is the creativity and integrity at..? Or is that it...

So yeah, there's a spill of some of my thought's over the past week - stay O P E N.