One of the toughest hurdles that a developing creative is presented with is criticism. Having someone tell us that our work is "absolutely flawless" is the single best feeling ever, there's no doubt about that. However, we cannot develop from praise - it simply does not work like that...

Since being youngsters we've all (hopefully) been raised to respect one another as we would like to be respected ourselves; naturally, as we grow older, out of childhood into being a teenager and a young adult, this principle is carried throughout and forms a large basis for how we interact with and treat each other.

Social criticism naturally falls under the category of disrespect with a malicious streak. Social criticism is something that we have all faced numerous times during out lives and will continue to throughout it in various ways. The criticism of our work can very often be emulated in a similar scenario and way as social criticism would, registering as an act of such within our mind and triggering an innate response to feeling offended and disheartened. It is this crossover that we must learn to segregate from someone's 'constructive criticism' of our work.

Constructive criticism is GOLD! Others will see what you don't - that is the beauty of being individuals. 

When practicing an art form, that is essentially what we're doing 'practicing'. Kind of like when learning to ride a bike, we start with stabilisers and then they come off. We listen to the adults giving us guidance: ride straight, look ahead, be confident - take it all onboard and before you know it we're cutting the apexes around the block with the big kids! Practicing our art from has a very close similarity to how we practiced riding our first bike - without the guidance, we might well have still learned but not anywhere as fast as with the perspective of our elders - and we sure wouldn't be lapping those 12-year-olds!

Unlike the peddle bike our creative work is incredibly personal and so it should be! Naturally, criticism is not of the favoured when it comes to a reflection of such a personal endeavour.

BUT! We must get over this in order to gain a deeper development - criticism is integral! 

When we receive some constructive criticism we should take heed of this! It is a new perspective on our work that we didn't or could not see. It broadens our horizon and has a massive impact on our progression as creative practitioners. It does not mean that what we have produced is pants and It doesn't mean that we were wrong - not at all. 

It is just an opinion - however a GOLDEN ONE!

And yes! ASK WHY?

You will only get a more enriched response...

When your work is up for criticism, by all means question the criticism - you've earned that!

Be open. Stay humble. Remain integral.