i0S is an expanding curation of galleries containing small bodies of work captured with the Apple iPhone.

The germination of this growing collective developed from an anxiety to create wherever, whenever; In conjunction with the practicality of modern life, to strike the iron whilst it's hot and begin to bring a physicality to my seeing right at the moment of conceiving. These displays of work represent various forms of conceptual image making from instinctive, spare of the moment realisation. 

Idea's born from acts of: Procrastination and daydreaming, moments when I find myself disengaged from my mind directly and seemingly seeing without looking. Previous to starting this archival curation containing my 'flights of seeing' I often found moments where I'd note down a idea, thought or vision to then end up either loosing track of it's whereabouts; Or forgetting that I even had it all together...

i0S is more of an archive than a curation. It houses my absolute 'flights of seeing'.

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