Harlem, NY: A curation of images appropriated from Google Street View by means of screen-capture and digital photograph. The images depict figures of the black community in the increasingly gentrified neighbourhood of Harlem. Framed as Individual, stand-alone characters, the images present an unsettling dichotomy between lower and middle/upper-class societies whilst provoking a sense of surrealism through the subject’s eerie stand-off eye contact with the camera.


On a college trip to Manhattan, NY in the year 2011, Jack embarked on a whistle-stop bus tour of manhattan which naturally lead him through the large northern neighbourhood of Harlem. During his passing through Harlem, Jack found himself somewhat bewildered by the stand-offish eye contact, hostility of looks and body language that members of the black community displayed towards the bus of foreign tourists that he was a part of. Leaving him feeling as though he had been misplaced, akin to an intruder of some kind... 

A number of years later whilst Jack was progressing through his photographic study, he discovered a number of reports covering the pressure that gentrification over the past decade has been having on the long-standing African-American community of Harlem.

With his past experience evoked by his recent findings, combined with an inquisitive interest for found imagery and decontextualisation, Jack took to recalling his curiosity for his tour through Harlem and began exploring the neighbourhood using Google Street View. His findings presented what would seem an almost happenstance result, experiencing the exact same hostilities and body languages as from his bus tour. However, Instead of his own eye contact as an individual thought the Optic delivery of the Google Street View camera.

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